i drop to the bottom of the universe
where it awaits with a clipboard in its multicolored hands
i didn’t expect you just yet, it says in a bored tone
Liar, I reply, dusting stardust off my skirt.
Stand by the window, it instructs, preparing a pot of coffee
i stand
i forget how oxygen transforms in my lungs
i forget how blood travels around my veins
i forget how acid is produced in my stomach
Here, now, is everything
A whole of black sucking me in
A whole of every one’s entire existence
It blinks
It doesn’t
i am imagining every one of its movements
What is this? I ask
A warm mug is placed in my hands
The ceramic is old, cracked
Would defining it make you feel better?
i cannot know. I do not want to know.
If I know what t h i s is
i will forget everything I have learned until now
i will forget me
i cannot bear to hear its name spoken outloud.
The mug crashes against the glass floor
Whose laughter resonates across an entirety of space?
A mouth against my ear, a rush of air
discusses the fine print we are told to read before we sign
ourselves away


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